Kaakeliuunien Suomen Perinneyhdistys ry,the Finnish Tiled Oven Heritage Society

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Information of Kaakeliuunien Suomen Perinneyhdistys ry,

the Finnish Tiled Oven Heritage Society

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According to books on the history of City of Turku, the first tiled oven in Finland was built in the hall of Turku Castle by Hans Påtmakare, a mason, in 1543. Excavations in the castle courtyard have revealed renaissance tiles from the 16th century.

The Finnish for Tiled Oven Heritage Society was founded on the island of Suomenlinna in 2000

Count Ehrensvärd, the military commander who oversaw the construction of the Suomenlinna sea fortress, introduced the first tiled ovens to Helsinki at his home on the island. Nowadays his house is a museum.

We have the expertise and experience of both antigue and modern tiled ovens.

If you want to buy, renovate, install or sell a tiled oven, contact us!

The society′s chairwoman Maritta Tolvanen and Hans Adolf Ehnrooth at the exhibition

Pj Maritta Tolvanen, KuSPy ry

tel 040-585 3283

address: B 42 C 9, 00190, HELSINKI

The society′s chairwoman will answer all your questions.

If you want to send email to the society, you can do it here.

email to the chairwoman:

Kaakeliuunien Suomen Perinneyhdistys,
The Finnish Tiled Oven Heritage Society

Lebell′s house at Kristiinankaupunki.

The Chairwoman visiting Lebell′s at spring 2003

Interior from 1780′s

Chairs from 1680′s, old wallpapers and a renessance oven. Photos G. Bäckman 1982.

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An Antique Tiled Oven is an investment, which

- will lift the value of your home
- is beautyful
- warms economically but also romantically
- is ment in an old buildning
- the value of your investment can not fall!




Information about the Society, events and ovens

The Society

Information about the society   shortly  

The foundation of the society:   an artical in the Tuuma-magacine.

Valuations for heritage preservation, restoration and other matters concerning ovens

Valuations and work with the aid of experts.

Links to useful sites   Sites worth visiting.

Some history of tiled ovens Extracts from a dissertation by Erik Bergh based on material from Turku Museum of History. Published in the Year book 1952.

The first exhibition at

Olkkala kartano at Vihti 13.8 - 27.10.2001; esittely /(in Finnish)

The second exhibition at

Rantakasarmi at Suomenlinna 5.10 - 1.11.2002; esittely / (in Finnish)

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