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Links for heritage preservation, renovation and other matters concerning ovens

Here is a random list of sites worth visiting and a short description.

Emails to Kirsi Majantie, Archaeologist: Kirsi Majantie Kirsi Majantie

(Research by Kirsi Majantie: "Ruukuista ruhtinaiden muotokuviin. Kaakeliuunien käyttöönotto ja levintä Suomessa ennen suurvaltakautta arkeologisen lähdeaineiston valossa". "From pots to portraits of princes. The implementation and spread of tiled ovens in Finland prior to the period of major power, in the light of archaeological source material".)

Museovirasto / National Board of Antiquities and Historical Monuments

MUSEOVIRASTO / National Board of Antiquities and Historical Monuments
Nervanderinkatu 13
PL 913
FIN-00101 Helsinki

Tel (09) 40 501, Fax (09) 4050 9300

Email to Olkkala kartano: Ms. Eeva Hirsimaa

Tel (09) 224 27 112, Fax (09) 223 54 23,
Eeva Hirsimaa tel 040 582 73 59

Olkkalan kartano
Olkkalankuja 29
03400 Vihti
Suomi Finland

Carl Irjala home page (a tiled oven expert, author, chimney expert and mason)

Email to Turunmaan korjausrakentamisyhdistys
(The restoration society in Turku area):

Tel (02) 458 50 28

Turunmaan korjausrakentamisyhdistys ry
Fredrikanaukio 1
21600 Parainen
Suomi Finland

Marianne Hemgård tel 050 - 3753 595
Email to Marianne Hemgård: marianne.

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