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Valuations and work with the aid of experts

Because constant questening I have commenced valuation and other work concerning tiled ovens. I am at your service, if it's a question of

• evaluating the condition of a working or dismantled oven,

• determining the style and age of an oven,

• restoration of an oven,

• estimating oven prices,

• dismantling ovens,

• assembling ovens,

• solving dismantled oven jig-saws and numbering the pieces,

• matters concerning chimneys or flues,

• replacing tiles and/or oven parts, etc.


Maritta Tolvanen, Helsinki, Maritta Tolvanen from Helsinki, responsible for matters concerning oven style, age, price and condition. Oven dismantling, assembly, and renumbering matters. Mediates with masons and restorers. Has been in this field for 11 years. e-mail

Valuations and commission fees

Valuations from 33 euros per item, larger projects according to contract. Commissioning of masons and restorers and their fees by separate agreement.

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